Referral Program Details

* 20% commission per sale ( CPA)

* cookie life - 180 days

* average deal size - USD 3,500

* monthly earning potential - USD 10,000 - USD 150,000. Please note that you may earn more or less than that depending on your user base, promotion tactics, etc.

About Us

Transformify is the seamless, fastest way to recruit and manage remote workers and freelancers. We let recruiters hire, onboard, assign projects and transfer payment to freelancers and remote workers from a single dashboard.

Put simply, Transformify is SAP Fieldglass alternative for small and medium businesses.

Pricing information:

Pay-as-you-go < $50 per transaction >

Monthly subscription < $ 3500>

Quarterly subscription < $ 9400 >

Annual subscription < $36 000>


Transformify HR Suite

Affiliate Profiles:


SaaS companies offering complementing products like payroll, accounting software, payments, etc.

review sites

Youtube, Instagram, Facebook marketers / influencers

co-working space providers

More Information: