About Us

Your Moon Phase is more than just a Company; it’s the story of a Mother and Daughter who set out to follow their passion. What Lynne and Brooke Ingalls didn’t know is just how far the journey would take them! Lynne has always been fascinated by astrology. It’s undeniable that the moon and stars guide and influence our lives, and she couldn’t get enough of learning about these patterns. Lynne’s daughter Brooke starting drawing jewelry designs for her Parents jewelry Company when she was just 10 years old and followed her passion into her Mothers Company as Head Designer and recently as Retail Operations Manager! The Company is 100% female owned and aptly named Brooke Lynne Designs, after the Mother Daughter Team!

Using the lunar phases as their guide, Lynne and Brooke handcrafted necklaces, keychains and informational prints corresponding with each phase. Your Moon Phase is the exclusive online destination for understanding and celebrating the moon’s unique phases and their significance over important days in your life. Lynne and Brooke are busier than ever, hard at work on dozens of new jewelry styles, radiant moons that glow in the dark, and a patent-pending process that ensures your moon is accurately depicted no matter where you are in the world.

Program Highlights Include:

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