We are vertically integrated. The designer makes his own fabrics as well as owns the atelier and production so everything is made in house. Our advantage is to make a dress within such a short period of time so we dont need to have a lot of stock/inventroy. The stock/inventroy pieces, we usually have a sale going on for them. We ship worldwide and our customers are mostly from Middle East such as Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon etc. as well as United States such as California, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey Ohio, Texas and many other states. if visitors order a dress that we may not have in stock, it would be a regular price and we usually make the gown/top/pants etc. wishing 7 days and ship it to the customer and it would be regular price and usually the average price is around $1,200.00 If a visitor selects it from the stock pieces then we ship it right away and the avarage price is $525.00 Commission would be around 10-12% and that depends on how this will go, the more sale we make we are willing to give more commission