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Avid Hemp’s Mission:

To provide purity in our Superior CBD products and practices, including organic and sustainable sourcing while conducting comprehensive published research to maximize our value to growers and customers alike.

Our products consist of Superior CBD Full Spectrum capsules, Premium Hemp Flower, Full Spectrum Vape Juice in 7 terpenes strains, Full Spectrum Disposable Cartridges in 7 Terpenes strains, Full Spectrum KETO diet oil, Full Spectrum topical balm, and more!

Avid Hemp was established in 2017, but its origins date back many years. When the legal climate allowed companies to begin selling CBD and other hemp-derived therapies, Avid Hemp already had more than 20 years of passionate research and advocacy to inform its vision.

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Linsay Franks / Affiliate Manager


Avid Hemp
Tampa, Florida