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Welcome to TremorMiracle! TremorMiracle is a trademarked product of Real Science. We are a company out of Salt Lake City, Utah. TremorMiracle has take 2 years of extensive testing, formulating, testing and even more testing! We have finally just launched a very exciting natural and organic solution to help those suffering from a condition know as Essential Tremor. Essential Tremor affects more than 10 Million in the United States and more than 200 Million worldwide.

Our product, Tremor Miracle has a patented ingredient set called TremorStop which increases the effectiveness of neuro-transmission through the body. It does this with Noble Prize winning science out of the University of Texas. By increasing vasodilation and support of the circulatory system we have found that Tremor Miracle significantly decreases visible shaking and tremors in the majority of our test subjects and customers.

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Our demographic is very broad. All races and genders suffer from Essential Tremor. Most adults aged 50 and older suffering from shakiness and tremors have reached a point where they are looking for a natural solution to their problem. That's where we come in!

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