Hello, Thank you for your interest in Aleavia is an exclusive prebiotic plant -based skincare line with a simple concept, Nourishing your Skin. So many body washes and cleansers strip the much needed good bacteria from your skin. Our products feed the good bacteria on your skin, creating a biome that allows your skin to balance naturally. Our products are Prebiotic, which simply means that the ingredients feed the bacteria on your skin. Much like fertilizer for the bacteria is one way to look at it. We have great results and great reviews on our website. Our products work well with the health conscious and well with those with a host of skin issues such as dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, sun spots etc. It is amazing what the bodies skin biome can do when balanced properly. We want our affiliates to be brand ambassadors and want to help you be as successful as you can by offering a competitive commission structure, a wide range of creative assets and the flexibility to work with you on individual promotions to help create a competitive offer that converts for your audience. Come join us in delivering the best solution in skin care since dirt! Thank you for considering Aleavia. Program Commission: 15% with incentives