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Affiliate Partner Program Highlights

We will provide you the following:

  • Competitive commission rates our affiliates love. Our affiliates are valued long-term partners in our business. We don't regard our affiliate partners lightly. So, as an affiliate partner is a valuable asset to us, we offer great commission rates because we appreciate all they do. We wouldn't be as successful without our partners, so we strive to reward them with the best commission rates to show our gratification.
  • Tons of promotional material our affiliates can choose from. We want our affiliate partners to be able to promote 123Print in the way that best suits their audience and goals. Therefore we offer tons of promotional assets, from varying discounts to varying product category promotions, so our affiliate partners can promote most effectively.
  • Top-rated, high quality products our affiliates can feel confident in. We pride ourselves on first-rate designs, a website that is simple to navigate and high-quality printing that is both affordable and totally customizable, so that customers can create their vision - all without breaking the bank.
  • An excellent customer service team that shoppers can count on. Our service doesn't unplug once the purchase is made. We have a passionate customer service team in house who are ready to make your shoppers' experience one of a kind from start to end. We believe customers should be able to talk to a real live person if they wish, which is why our toll free phone number is posted on every single page in our website.

Product Preview

From printed marketing materials to daily business necessities.
Top 6 Best Selling Products

    1) Business Cards
    A networking must-have

    2) Address Labels
    Simply professional

    3) Postcards
    Promotional power

    4) Post-it Notes
    Marketing that sticks

    5) Car Magnets
    On-the-go marketing

    6) Greeting Cards
    Thoughtful expressions

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our company or our affiliate program.

123Print Affiliate Team
e: affiliateprogram@123print.com