* No Selling * Sekure Merchant affiliate program.

As a Sekure Merchant Services affiliate you can make money by referring us to businesses that accept credit cards.

You get $15 for every account you refer that requests a free statement analysis!

Bonus earn an extra 20$ for each statement that your referrals submit.

Extra Bonus 5 valid statements get an additional 100$

"That's it"

We offer them up to 50% off their current processing fees or the best available merchant processing rates and you get paid.

Simply get them to fill in the required form or call to request a "Free No Obligation merchant statement analysis”.

One of our agents will reach out to them and upon the referred business agreeing to our "free no obligation statement analysis” us you will get $15! Easy money! How much work is involved to sign up a merchant? You do not have to sell anything or do any work to earn your payouts. We handle all the sales, customer service and billing. All you have to do is let, business associates, clients, customers, affiliates know about our free offer and place your tracking link or banner on your web site.