Products Derived From Ancient Technologies Found In Remote Locations Around The Globe.

As the CEO trekked across across the globe, he came across ancient technology that he bio-engineered into products that do in fact infuse wellness and are natural. As an affiliate you will have access to these videos and promotion materials to share with your referrals which has greatly increased our current affiliates. View the expedition video.

Green Bean Buddy is a spectacular highly sought-after brand that embarks your referrals on a journey of infusing wellness into their homes and lives. From gardening technologies such as hydroponics, aquaponics. To homeopathic lice treatments and natural pest control such as bed bug killers, roach killers, flea and tick treatments, pet products and so much more.

All of the Green Bean Buddy line of products are designed to infuse wellness into the lives of your referrals. You will have access to the expedition of the CEO of how these products were designed, so you can promote to your referrals.

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This is due to our ability to supply large drums, pails, and pallets of products right thru our shopping cart technology and our online chat team to smooth the purchasing process of business clients. The freight and discounts are already implemented to remove any friction of our beloved Green Bean Buddy clients.

Retail Consumers attracted to GreenBeanBuddy averaged $150 to $300, since many customers are educated and offered economical and unique solutions that truly help them infuse wellness into their homes and lives. A gentle process of educating future customers using seamless cart technology really increases affiliate average order values.

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