We adore dogs and believe that feeding them well is the best way to show our love. So we created Ollie: fresh meals made from real ingredients.

Ollie is an all natural, human-grade dog food company that tailors meals to dog's individual needs and delivers directly to your door via subscription. We tailored plans to a dog's exact nutritional needs, and they are priced based on a dog's caloric intake, with plans starting at $36/month. Affiliates will be able to offer their audience a 50% discount on someone's first box in their subscription.

We currently pay a flat $50/purchase, and are looking for affiliates who will drive subscribers that will stay for additional boxes. Affiliates that demonstrate ability to drive purchases are eligible for higher commissions.

Please note, we cannot work with affiliates in AR, CA, CT, GA, KS, ME, MN, MO, NC, NJ, RI, VT due to Nexus restrictions, and require affidavits in states where they are accepted.