Before starting this company, we hadn't thought much about insurance. We were too busy trying to "make it" at our jobs. And trying to make rent. So “Buy renters insurance!” sat there on the to-do list. And when we tried to take it off, it wasn't pretty. After looking into it, everything about insurance felt trapped in another era. Plans were for 1960s suburban life instead of 21st-century cities. Websites were barely functional (let alone “mobile-friendly”). Agents. Brokers. Jargon!

We thought we could do better. So we created Jetty.

Jetty Renters Insurance plans offer unique coverages you won't find anywhere else like bedbug coverage and extended Airbnb host protection. We also have an option to protect those portable electronics from coffee spills and shattered screens. Every piece of our plans are customizable. Your plan should be as unique as the belongings it is designed to protect.

Jetty is currently offering a $5 bounty per lead on qualified quotes generated on the site.

Any program questions or concerns should be directed to