Glorious PC Gaming Race Affiliate Program

Established 2014

Glorious PC Gaming Race LLC was founded in 2014 by a gamer who was fed up with overpriced, and low-quality PC gaming peripherals/products. The company started through the Reddit community, where we built and designed products catered to the gaming communities suggestions and requests.

Glorious PC Gaming Race has been featured on majoring gaming sites such as Linus Tech Tips, Toms Hardware, Tech Report and more for their patent-pending Modular Mechanical Keyboard. The Glorious Modular Mechanical keyboard is a innvoative new mechanical keyboard that features modular MX switches, allowing customers to use any switch any time without soldering.

In addition to keyboards, Glorious also sells mousepads from small to the world's largest mousepad and gaming wrist rests.

With over one million+ satisfied customers, the Glorious brand continuies to rapidly grow and expand its product line.

Program Highlights

  • 5% Commission
  • $100 Average Order Value
  • 30-day cookie
  • Free US Shipping for orders over $130