The Shed Defender is a patent-pending versatile onesie for dogs that contains pet hair, dander and allergens, can reduce anxiety, help with skin conditions, cover hotspots, replace the medical cone and more. The Shed Defender is a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching product that has a wide variety of uses. Vet-approved, the Shed Defender is a natural solution for pet hair problems. Made from a premium, lightweight and eco-friendly fabric, the Shed Defender is available in 9 sizes and a variety of colors and runs from $39.99-$62.99.

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Samples use cases for the Shed Defender include:

No More Pet Hair Everywhere: Use the Shed Defender to keep your house and car fur-free. From family road trips to holiday parties, with the Shed Defender on you save time and money. No more sweeping, vacuuming, detailing the car and worrying about how to host hair-free get togethers!

Keep Calm with the Shed Defender on: Whether it’s holiday travel, loud noises, storms or any other form of anxiety, the Shed Defender can help keep your pup calm.

Forget the Cone of Shame: From covering hotspots and surgical sites to helping with skin conditions and allergies, the Shed Defender can free your dog from the cone of shame!

Take Your Dog Anywhere: With the Shed Defender on, you can take your dog to family and friends houses or anywhere in public without leaving behind dog hair and dander!