INSPIRED BY STRONG, INFLUENTIAL WOMEN FROM THE PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE Translating to “With The Girls” en Français, AVEC LES FILLES is a modern lifestyle brand that pairs international runway trends with street style sensibility—and a hint of timeless retro-chic. Inspired by fearless, iconic women who change the world on a daily basis, the contemporary brand evokes a distinctly feminine vibe—balanced by edgy notes—in a full lifestyle range of apparel, outerwear, and accessories. The buzz-worthy offerings of AVEC LES FILLES include pieces inspired by the runways of Paris, Milan, and other fashion capitals of the world. The AVEC creative team sources up-to-the-minute trends, reimagining and delivering them to retail floors at smart, accessible price points. Collections are particularly celebrated for their irresistible “must-have” factor. FROM A STORY TOLD BY ONE WOMAN, TO “A STORY TOLD FOR ALL WOMEN,” AVEC LES FILLES IS “WITH THE GIRLS” AND INDUSTRY. Decidedly stylish and always relevant, the AVEC customer’s tastes are specific, yet inclusive. Known for her “Paris-meets-LA” It-girl aesthetic, she embodies a range that spans from the young Gen Z customer to the cool Millennial mom, exemplifying the brand’s innate versatility. Regardless of age, she craves elevated looks at real-life price points, eyes ever-scanning for new ways to express herself. Our Brand offers Affiliates competitive commissions and bonuses.