Piquant Post sends 4 handcrafted, unique spice blends and 4 chef-developed recipes in a monthly subscription box. The spice blends are made small-batch each month and are always all-natural, and filler-free and preservative-free. Our mission is to help our users create healthy, globally-inspired meals with less time and effort. 


Piquant Post takes advantage of two of the largest trends in food:

·      Desire for global flavors incorporated into everyday food

·      Subscription meal kits / specialty food boxes


We were named by The Today Show as one of their favorite food-focused gifts for the holidays. Our customers become raving fans and the average subscription order is 6 months. We are looking to partner with blogs, content sites, and social influencers to promote Piquant Post as an easy and delicious way to incorporate the best flavors from around the world in healthy home cooking.


Program Summary

·      10% commission on all sales

·      30-day return cookie

·      Creative banners and text links

·      Responsive affiliate management team accessible via email

·      Monthly payments


Target Audiences

Sites focused on cooking/recipes, food/foodies, new trends, millennials, suburban moms, subscription boxes, and unique gift ideas (birthdays / weddings / holidays) do especially well with our customers.


We highly encourage affiliates to also market Piquant Post as a unique gift idea for foodie friends and family. Roughly 50% of our orders are longer-term 6 or 12 month subscriptions, many as gifts, so promoting gifts will likely earn you the best commissions. We get orders from around the globe so feel free to promote to a global audience, but most of our customers currently are in North America (due to shipping costs). About 33% of our customers are men who enjoy cooking and / or are foodies.


Finally, Piquant Post is often enjoyed by customers who like the cooking experience and recipes of meal kits but quit because of cost. Promoting Piquant Post as a lower-cost alternative to meal kits has worked well.



Questions? Got an idea for a custom banner? Please feel free to reach out and chat! Contact: Justin