Integrity Products LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of exciting new products. We sell products that save customers time, money and even can save lives. Some of our products are licensed with Breast Cancer Charities and we will give part of our profits to them with every sale!
Do you have access to breast cancer survivor groups?
Do you have access to womens groups?
We have great ChicFix adhesives for DIY and CRaft uses that bond in just a few seconds, much faster than ordinary super glues.
We also sell ClipFix a revolutionary product that fixes broken Ethernet Cat 5 and Cat 6 wires in one simple step with no tools required.
Typical customers are at home or the office and don't want to throw away good wires into landfills.
Also computer/Tech people and people who need computer connections to work. We will be adding many more products and we look forward to sharing our business with you!