Kabrita Affiliate Program

Who We Are

With over 75 years of formula experience, Kabrita is the #1 goat milk formula worldwide, feeding 1.5 million babies daily. Kabrita delivers nourishment and comfort to children and their parents through our line of gentle Goat Milk-based foods. We empower families with a new choice in formula feeding - one that marries the ideal of all-natural with the rigor and safety of science. Our mission is to empower parents to nourish their child with confidence. We strive to add value to our community through our commitment to education, transparency & supportive communication.

Why Kabrita?

Kabrita is the first and only European and goat milk-based infant formula brand to meet all FDA requirements. That means Kabrita infant formula meets both the strict European safety standards and rigorous FDA standards. Our formula contains no GMO ingredients. Our entire line of products are made in the Netherlands under strict European regulations that limit the use of antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides, and are certified glyphosate-free. The foundation of Kabrita Goat Milk-Based Infant Formula is Dutch goat milk, which is naturally closer in nutritional composition to breast milk than cow milk.

Our Affiliate Program

Do you share genuine content about the parenting journey? We know that families rely on other families' experiences, especially when it comes to their little ones. Want to promote Kabrita to your audience and earn money while doing it? Join our affiliate program today and become part of the Kabrita Family! 

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