Hi There!! We are SOJI ENERGY a lifestyle brand inspired by crystals, yoga, and nature!

“We believe the practice of mindfulness is important, and the need for this reminder in our everyday lives, inspired us to create the SOJI Brand.”

Our Product the SOJI BOTTLE is quickly gaining in popularity. The SOJI BOTTLE is a beautifully designed fashion forward water bottle that lets customers reap the benefits of crystal healing during yoga, work, play, or on the go. With the significant rising interest in yoga, crystal healing, new age medicine, and natural products we believe our bottle to be the perfect fit for affiliates! 



COMMISSION: 15-25% per sale


COUPON: Sojilove10 (10% OFF)

BONUS #1 : $1,000 after 100 sales

BONUS #2 :Soji is donating a portion of the proceeds of every sale to a Non-profit tirelessly committed to alleviating the global water crisis. We are grateful for the opportunity to assist in bringing clean and safe water to thousands of people in need every single month. Aside from selling beautiful crystals, we feel very strongly about making a positive impact on our world and community. This is why we started Soji in the first place. We believe helping one another is of unparalleled importance to the holistic health and fundamental prosperity of our country. Let's always remember to give to each other as nature has given to us.

Target Audience: We believe our product would be perfect for Boho fashionistas, natural healing enthusiasts, Yoga practitioners, fitness lovers, charity supporters, travelers, makeup and natural beauty followers, crystal rock hounds, and pretty much everyone that loves water!

Keywords associated with our customers:  Crystals, Yoga, Fashion, Beauty, Nature, Organic, Health Foods, Handbags, Travel, Fun, Meditation, Zen, Buddism, New Age, Metaphysical, Enlightment, Spiritual, Hiking, luxury, Bohemium, boho, college, unique gifts, coachella, modern, and fitness. 



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