Shrinkabill guarantees to lower TV, internet, cell phone, security, and business bills without having to switch providers or downgrading the service. We are aggressive negotiators that get our clients the best rates out there.

Shrinkabill’s fee is based on a percentage of savings, so we only get paid if we save the customer money. If we do not save the customer money our services are not only free, but we actually pay the customers with a $25 gift card!

Benefits of partnering with Shrinkabill:
1. Get more conversions.
Shrinkabill has a unique & simple value proposition: every customer walks away a winner.

2. Leverage a service that has mass appeal.
No exceptions, everyone looks for ways to save time and money.

3. Get paid regardless of Shrinkabill's performance.
Earn money on every lead you send us.

Shrinkabill has been featured on the Today Show, US News & World Report, AARP, CNET, Time, CBS Money, Huffington Post, and 40 other major media networks.

Watch a 3 min news report on Shrinkabill here.

For consumer clients:
For business clients: https://shrinkabill.combusiness/


* Shrinkabill is NOT interested in any coupon promotions or incentivized submissions (where the customer signs up for a reward). Both of these affiliate partnerships violates our affiliate agreement.