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Since 2008, almost 10,000 students have made VAClassroom their education choice for all their training and professional development needs.

Through our courses we provide:
  • Current and In-Demand VA Training Opportunities
  • Industry-Leading Courses
  • Easy-to-Use, Step-By-Step Learning Platform and System
  • Specialized Training in the Most Popular Niches
  • Authentic and Knowledgeable Instructors
  • Meaningful Community
  • Champion for Your Success
  • 20% commission
  • 60-day cookie
  • PPC-Policy with limited restrictions
    Trademark Bidding is not permitted without written request
  • Large variety of banners and text links
  • Industry leading VA courses

"I was very impressed with VA Classroom’s VAC 101 course. I had been seriously thinking about becoming a VA for over a year and found the VAC 101 course to be the perfect step in obtaining the information I needed to start my business. I wish I had taken this course earlier in order to increase my knowledge and confidence!" TIFFANY HOWE

"The video training along with the supporting handouts were very helpful. The length of each module was perfect for me, especially with my busy schedule." SABRINA SMITH

"After thorough research, I chose VAClassroom to provide further training for my content management services. During my first semester, the instructors, mentors, and VAC Facebook-group members created a learning community that was supportive, responsive, experienced, and dynamic beyond my expectations. I am grateful to have connected with this comprehensive, learner-friendly, and cost-effective option for growing a VA business that embraces the rapidly changing technology and needs of today’s virtual business climate." RANEE BOYD TOMLIN - PHD

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