Ulla - Intelligent Hydration Reminder

We are all forgetting to do one of the simplest things in life - to pick up that bottle and take a sip of water. Luckily, Ulla is here to help everyone stay hydrated throughout their busy days.

Our Offer

We invite you to join our program, where we care about our Affiliates:

  • US $8.00 flat per sale rate
  • 30 day tracking gap
  • performance-based incentives
  • bonus for the most hard-working ones
  • regular newsletters
  • full creative & content support
  • full support from our Affiliate manager

About Ulla

Ulla is Intelligent Hydration Reminder. Simply attach it to your bottle - it knows when you drink and blinks when you forget to.

  • 70% of adults go through their normal day mildly dehydrated
  • 98% of our customers are female
  • Ulla is fully automated, family and office-friendly

Gives any bottle super-powers

Works with all bottles and glasses. Super easy to install, hard to forget.

Ulla knows when you need H2O

A high-precision accelerometer detects when you hydrate & blinks when you forget to.

100% automated

No apps, no charging, no fuss. Ulla's always working but never gets in the way.

Learn more & Get in touch

If we still haven't convinced you or you have additional questions, shoot us an email and we'll see what we can come up with: distributors@ulla.io