About Intelligent Blends

Intelligent Blends is a single-serve beverage manufacturer producing recyclable pods for the wildly popular Keurig® and k-cup® brewers. We cut out the middlemen and sell our high quality brands for a great everyday value with free shipping through ShopBlends.com. Family owned and operated, we take pride in serving the best coffee & tea pods and in providing excellent service to our affiliate partners.

Our coffee is super fresh, incredible quality, 100% Arabica beans and one of the best values on the market. Advanced recyclable pods are an award-winning eco-friendly solution made in the USA. We have been selling coffee & tea pods directly through our web store, www.shopblends.com, for over two years and have perfected our online experience boasting extremely high conversion rates, great service and a delivery process across the United States.

Finding the perfect balance between Sustainability, Convenience, Affordability, and Quality is a pretty tall order. But that is exactly what Michael Ishayik, founder of Intelligent Blends set out to do. He and his dedicated team of 50 employees have succeeded in providing value that never sacrifices quality. This is thanks to their commitment to providing each customer with beverages that delight and products that set new industry standards in sustainability. Who knew having it all could come at the press of a button?

What Makes Us Special?

We are uniquely positioned as a manufacturer on the cutting-edge of e-commerce, selling a better value, higher quality and recyclable product direct to consumers online across all devices.

  • Huge variety of small batch roasted gourmet Coffee, Teas and more, expertly ground for the perfect cup.

  • Excellent range of FAIR TRADE and ORGANIC beverages

  • RECYCLABLE pods that produce 43% less greenhouse gasses than other pods

  • Compatible with Nespresso®, Keurig®, k-cup® brewers including “2.0”

  • FREE SHIPPING. Always.

  • As low as 36 CENTS/Cup

  • MADE in USA.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:Read Customer Reviews.

Program Highlights

  • $25 Welcome Bonus available.

  • Regular bonuses from $50 – $500+.

  • Newsletters with updates on promotions, incentives and sales opportunities.

  • Optimized data feed with integration at GoldenCan.com & Datafeedr.com.

  • Dedicated affiliate support provided by Green Affiliate Programs

Ready to Get Started?

Join our team of successful affiliate partners and experience our commitment to growing this great opportunity together. To get started, apply to join through the ShareASale link further below. If you have any questions or would like to discuss ways we can work together, please email us at shopblends@greenaffiliateprograms.net


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