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Custom Consortium is a fashion marketplace unlike any that have come before us.  Curating the world's finest customizable brands, we enable customers to custom-design their facorite accessories to match their personal tastes and individual needs.

Our affiliate program allows you to be on the bleeding edge of fashion, and to get paid for it.  Spread the word about the custom fashion revolution we're building, and we'll make sure you're rewarded handsomely.


- 15% commission -
- 60 day cookie -
- Even higher commission opportunities -

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Our promise is that we will continue to load fresh content and bring you creative promotions that you can use to generate revenue.

For now, you can take a look at Custom Consortium's spectacular launch brands, and know that we'll soon be loading 2-3 more per month.


Leather Travel Gear


Mechanical Watches

Awl & Sundry

Handmade Shoes

Black Lapel

Custom Clothiers

Impish Lee

Custom Intimates

Fitzgerald Morrell

Bespoke Gloves