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You are our #1 priority. We will continue to provide the best customer service, lowest price and largest product selection. Something that customers who have purchased with Perani's Hockey World have come to expect and enjoy with all of their previous purchases. The culmination of all of this experience and hard work has resulted in an ever growing website with better features, more information and content and a continuing push to provide you with all of your hockey needs. Oh yeah, and because we are the biggest website with the best features, you get a few other perks out of the deal. Perks like the LOWEST PRICES and BIGGEST SELECTION of all the new products, the LOWEST PRICES and BIGGEST SELECTION of closeout and prior year products and FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $99.

  • Aggressive 5% commission
  • 45 Day Tracking Cookie
  • Parasite Free
  • Killer PPC keyword list available
  • Informative Affiliate Program Details Page
  • Dedicated Program Management by Snow Consulting

As we all know Affiliate Marketing is all about relationships. In this industry you live and die because of those ties. I want to know all of my affiliates on a more personal level than just a site name and network ID. With this in mind I thought you might want to know a little bit about me.

I have been in this industry since Aug 2002 and have always been able to do so from the comfort of my own home in Kelowna BC. Fun fact 2 is I have been married for 20 years this August to a wonderful women and have 4 kids together ranging in age from 22 to 17. Fun fact 3 is I love anything and everything sports-related.

If you ever have any questions, idea or feedback about this program please feel free to IM me whenever you want. I am very responsive and love to help you make more money.

We do NOT allow any bidding on trademarked or non-trade marked words that reflect the HockeyWorld.com or Perani’s Hockey World Brand. You may not include our brand name or variations of our brand name in display url’s, ad copy nor you may bid on “HockeyWorld.com”, “Hockey World”, “Perani’s” or any other term that a user might mistaken for our brand. You are allowed to bid on product categories, product names (that are not protected by their own brand policies), using long tail, niche or creative keywords.

If you are in the states of AR, CA, CT, KS, ME, MN, NC, NY, PA, or RI you will need to connect with us directly at the email address below and we will provide more information regarding how we can best work with you.

Randy Norton
AIM: RandyNorton99

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This program is pro-actively managed by Snow Consulting.
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