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The Company

HackerEarth is a technology company that provides technical recruitment solutions to companies. It provides the most effective mechanism to companies to engage with the developer ecosystem and effectively evaluate their technical skills. It is also one of the largest hub of programmers (with over 1 million developers) where they can practice, improve their programming skills and get hired.

Here’s HackerEarth Recruit, our assessment tool which helps companies hire developers at ease.

About HackerEarth Recruit: HackerEarth Recruit, an easy to use tool, helps you hire developers based on their programming skills. It is a platform which provides you with all the technical recruiting tools to screen, shortlist and hire the best developers.

How to use HackerEarth Recruit?

Follow these 2 steps -

Step 1

A.Create online coding test for screening.

B.Create tests based on the job roles

C.Invite candidates with a single click

D.Conduct remote tests, sitting in the comfort of your office

Step 2

A. Shortlist based on coding skills

B.Get real time candidate report

C.Play back code video to analyse candidate’s thought process

D.Shortlist based on the performance and profile information

Our target audience: HR generalists, Recruitment specialists, Hiring Managers, Technical recruiters, Talent Acquisition specialists and related people.

Top Companies using our product: Over 1000+ companies have used our assessment tool. Few of them are Adobe, ThoughtWorks, Amazon, Symantec, IBM, Capillary, WalmartLabs, Bookmyshow.

Program Highlights

  • Up to 10% commission with average order sizes of $200.

  • 10$ bonus on the 3rd sale that you refer.

  • 60 day cookie duration.

  • 5% commission on repeat sales.

  • Monthly newsletter with up-to-date information and tools to help you make the best of the affiliate program.

  • The support of an experienced, dedicated management team to help you with all your queries.

  • Reliable tracking code.

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