Are you a health coach or personal trainer? Are your followers striving for optimal fitness and health? If you answer yes to either question, Teloyears is a great affiliate program for you!

What does the test measure

  • Tracks your cellular age based on your telomere length
  • Test based on a simple at home blood test

    Why meausre

  • People can change their telomeres with a healthier lifestyle. One test at the beginning and another test after 6 months of positive changes, motivates continued change.

    Program Details

  • The TeloYears DNA test retails for $129.
  • You receive a flat affiliate commission of $12 for each sale.
  • Parasite-free program
  • Content/influencer affiliates only so no risk of losing your commission to a last click
  • 60 day cookie
  • Dedicated management team from Robbins Interactive - Stephanie and Ruth Ann

    The Brains Behind Teloyears

    The TeloYears genetic test is brought to you by Telomere Diagnostics Inc., a privately held molecular testing company founded by a group of scientists including the winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine for her work in telomere biology. The company introduced the Teloyears DNA product in September 2016, and is experiencing rapid growth.