NoteCube was founded in 2016 by siblings James & Lauren. Since then the Perth based company has grown internationally and sold over 100,000 NoteCubes. If you are wondering what a NoteCube is, traditionally it’s a beautiful collection of personalized notes & photos. Customers answer a few questions and pick the qualities of the receiver and then from that 40-60 notes are generated that they can edit & add photos to. The process is quick, simple but very thoughtful and a great way to express your love. Now a successful 5 years on we are branching out to create new products that are also dedicated to love & appreciation. We're consistently innovating to improve conversion rates, this includes a/b testing the copy and images on our landing page, introducing new tools to help people write notes, and giving our visitors great ideas on how they can use NoteCube. We get a surprising amount of 'just because' purchases, which shows how strong our conversion rates are...people don't even want to wait for an occasion! Please reach out to for any direct inquires :)