Porter Mufflers

The Porter Muffler holds a unique place in the performance world. It is the original performance muffler, starting production in 1931, and remains the standard for performance, exhaust tone, and durability to this day. The original Porter Mufflers have been featured on professionally-built Riddler & AMBR contenders, high-end custom cars, the most rugged off-road trucks, and on Street Rods and Musclecars all over the world.

Porter Mufflers give you a deep, throaty sound at idle that is unique, powerful, and unmistakable. When it’s time to press the “GO” pedal the straight-through design unleashes all the power and sound effects you’re looking for in a performance muffler, and once you are up to speed the sound effects taper off to a quiet background hum without the booming drone other performance mufflers create.