FestivalsInsider.com is excited to offer listing and promotional services for promoters of fairs, festivals and events in North America - available now at FestivalsInsider.com.
Our Events Listing Services Go From $10.00 for many event and festivals sites to Multi Listings For $199.00 
Festivals Insider provides a portal for show promoters and enthusiasts
FestivalsInsider.com offers promoters an easier way to get the word out and attract quality, qualified vendors and attendee! 
Equipped with an arsenal of social media sharing capabilities and the ability for others to rate and add events to personal calendars, the dedicated portal is gearing up to become the most comprehensive database of events, festivals and shows in North America.
Events are listed on a convenient calendar, along with dates and time schedules to help promoters show interested attendees the overview of the day. There's even space to add videos and more information to really drive the promotion. 
“As an events enthusiastic and show promoter myself, I'm really happy to offer this service to fellow promoters and festival fans!”
To list events, shows, festivals and more, visit today. Promoters
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