THE COMPANY, popularly known as Rusticity, is an international brand of traditionally handmade crafts based in New Delhi, India. We deal with sourcing hand-crafted items from traditionally skilled artisans in the remote rural villages of India and give them an international market, which would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

Our product collection includes a variety of items which are utilitarian in a daily basis and at the same time create a rustic ambiance in the modern living styles. Alongside bringing rustic home decor elements to our customers, we provide a source of steady income to several rural craftsmen and generate employment on a multiplying basis.

Rusticity currently has operations in the US, UK and Europe.


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Rusticity Wooden Pencil/Pen Holder for Desk, Office and Home | Handmade | (2.5 in x 2.5 in)

Rusticity Wood Ashtray with Steel Bowl | Handmade | (4x4 in)


Rusticity Wood Mortar and Pestle Grinder for Kitchen | Handmade | (4.5x4.5 in)

  • Useful for crushing pills, soft herbs and spices, with food grade finish
  • Durable structure made out of Indian rosewood (sheesham), resistant to termites and decay
  • Rusticommends: Pair up with the Rusticity Wood Kitchen Tools Set for a perfect collection
  • Perfect gift for housewarming, anniversaries,etc.

Rusticity Cool Wood Coaster Set of 6 with Lotus Bowl Holder | Handmade | (4x4 in)

  • For protective use on tables, counter-tops, etc. and suitable for travel
  • Rustic look with food grade finish, safe for kitchen and dining purposes
  • Hand-carved out of Indian Rosewood (with high resistance to termites and decay) by traditional artisans from rural India
  • Perfect gift for housewarming, anniversaries,etc.
  • Rusticommends : Pair up alternatively with Rusticity Wood Serving Bowls for the perfect Arcadian feel

We take pride in providing our customers with quality service and ensuring a satisfactory experience. In case of any queries about the Affiliate Program or other issues, please contact us at: 

Nikhil Agarwal
+91 96 54 093732