What's Gladli?

Gladli is the "Holy Grail" of online commerce. It's the world's first completely-free, no-obligation online marketplace. There are no coupons, discounts, or not-quite-free products. Everything is truly and completely free. Also, there are no mandatory surveys or other obligations required on the part of the consumer. Gladli is simply an online marketplace where everything is free!

How Does Gladli Work?

The patent-pending product giveaway model used by Gladli works by leveraging opportunity cost in a way that persuades consumers to only select products that they are genuinely interested in. Consequently, customer conversion rates are much higher than traditional product giveaway methods. In other words, Gladli requires far fewer products to achieve the same number of conversions as a traditional product giveaway method, making it an extremely efficient product marketing tool!

What's The Goal Of This Affiliate Program?

We want brands AND retailers of consumable products to create an account on gladli.com and list their products. Consumable products include food, drinks, bath and beauty products, home goods (paper towels, candles, etc.), and health supplements. Examples of brands could be Doritos, Pantene, and Yankee Candle. Examples of retailers could be superstores such as Walmart, specialty chain stores such as Bath & Body Works, and "mom & pop" stores such as Kim's Donut Shop.

How Do Affiliates Get Rewarded?

This program offers a CPA payout (pay-per-lead) for each business registration. Business registration is complete when the business completes a "purchase" of a free business subscription.

What's Gladli's Image?

Gladli strives to maintain a family-friendly image and honest reputation, so you can promote us with confidence. Additionally, we offer a sleek logo that looks good anywhere!

How Can Gladli Be Contacted?

We're more than happy to discuss this program with you!

The point of contact for this program is Trevor Totten. You can reach him at trevor.totten@criticalachievement.com or +1 (650) 353-7783.

Gladli is owned and managed by Critical Achievement. Critical Achievement's postal address is PO Box 4405, Carmel IN 46082, USA.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to working with you!