is the home of The Ultimate Frozen Food Mix & Match Variety Pack! With over 150 Frozen Food items to choose from -- and growing fast -- consumers select what they want and we ship it do their doors in coolers with dry ice. Now that's cool! With a quickly growing catalog of products, we offer consumers the ability to filter by brand, product type, flavor and specialty food type (for example, a customer can shop all gluten free items with the click of a filter).

We work to provide awesome brands and products, and then give consumers the opportunity to build their own cooler full of 6, 8 or 12 frozen food items. No need to buy any one item in bulk! And get this -- the bigger the cooler, the lower the price per item. We also have a fantastic Add-On Program, which means consumers can access significant discounts to items during the checkout process once a cooler has been filled and the customer is checking out -- this is great for the customer as it is a low risk trial opportunity for a product they may not have seen before, and it's good for you the affiliate because it increases order sizes. This is a great feature to write about in your communications to customers because it benefits everyone!

We offer 10% commissions, and it's important to understand that because we offer FREE SHIPPING to consumers on all orders, and have significant packaging & dry ice costs that are also built in to our product costs, affiliates get the benefit of earning 10% on the total value of the order, not just the amount of product sold before packaging and shipping.