Infinity Beer Pong Affilaite Program

What are Infinity Beer Pong Tables?

Infinity Beer Pong (CustomGlow LLC) Started out as a DIY project to make a fun personal beer pong table. 100 hand made tables later we decided that it was time to go the distance and manufacture our concept. Now we are a small team of people in Simi Valley, CA who appreciate a good time.

Program Information

  • Commissions: 10%
  • Cookie Window: 60-Days
  • Average Order Value: $650
  • Customization Options: +$200-$350
  • Return Days: 10
  • Flat Rate Shipping
  • Shipping to Canada and Mexico

How to promote Infinity Beer Pong would like to partner with your site to promote this eye-catching product. We offer customized logo designs, media kits, and other promotional material. Any and all advertising ideas are welcome! In addition, we offer extremely competitive commissions ($50 minimum per sale!), incentive bonuses, and premium uber-unique product that your audience has never seen before.

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Approval: We encourage all interested sites to apply however before you participate we will need to approve your site.

Coupons: Publishers may only use coupons that are provided exclusively through the affiliate program. We do not pay commissions on orders where a non-affiliate coupon was redeemed.

Search: Publishers may not bid on any variation of our trademark, trademark plus, or any misspelling thereof.

Infinity L.E.D Beer Pong Table

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