Knork is a brand with modern innovative products, unique design and practical function. Designed for how you naturally eat. Our flatware is the favorite of several world-renown chefs. KNORK® was chosen as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2015! At KNORK, we’re seeking to enhance the dining experience by providing smarter designed flatware. At KNORK we are out on a mission to modernize the place setting for today's lifestyle, creating smarter designed flatware for how you naturally eat that better fits a fast paced life. The one constant of American style eating is that people have been tipping their forks on their sides as a natural born habit in order to cut thru foods that may not normally require a knife. Well KNORK had that in mind during developing the design. Each and every piece in Knork’s arsenal has that patented and ergonomic design, and the weight, feel and balance all work together to create a top-notch line of flatware that one becomes so accustomed to after just one use. It looks similar to regular flatware but works in a way you can’t imagine. 10% commission which we will gladly discuss other possibilities. Average sale amount at is $85