We invite you to join the EBAMBU Affiliate Program. We are a Canadian online store specialized in offering a wide array of natural health products such as nutraceuticals, cosmetics, baby products, sports nutrition, food products, home essentials and more. Our current inventory contains over 3,000 products and growing on a weekly basis. We only promote brands that strive to minimize environmental damage and commit to a greener and healthier planet. We are a one-stop shopping site for the best organic, Eco-friendly and non GMO products available on the market.

What do we offer to our customers?

Affordable prices, discounts and free shipping worldwide for orders over $59 CAD if you are located in Canada, orders over $100 CAD  if you are located within continental United States and Orders over $150 CAD for the rest of the world. Our Customer Service is staffed with health professionals with over 25 years of experience and are available to respond inquiries from our customers, by phone, via Facebook messenger chat or by email.

Our website is multilingual, it is currently receiving 2,000 unique visits per month since July 12th 2016, with a conversion rate of 3.87% and with an average of 86 CAD$ per order. We run the Ebambu blog that contains health related articles. We post on a weekly basis on our different social media channels. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

Who is our target market?

Young professionals, men and women, in ages between 18 and 65 years old, with or without children and a medium income of CAD$ 50,000 or more. Located in North America (Canada or USA), Latin America and Western Europe. That speaks English, French or Spanish. Interested in sports and a healthier lifestyle in general. 

How does the EBAMBU affiliate program work?

Earn between 5% and 10% commission per purchase made by your referred readers and followers on our online store www.ebambu.ca. Our current sale average is $86 Canadian Dollars.

We will provide you with all the tools needed to track and monitor the purchase history done by your referred customers. Also you will have access to our media library in where you will be able to find links, pictures, banners, coupons and promotional material that will help you in your strategy to promote our products.

How to sign up?

To sign up for the EBAMBU Affiliate Program, simply complete the online registration form below and we will contact you once approved.

Contact Information

Thomas Switalski
Tel: 450 435-2040 Ext 227
Cel : 438-882-2134
Email: thomas.switalski@nutripur.com