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About :

ResellersPanel is a unique, fully-automated reseller hosting program, developed entirely by LiquidNet Ltd. - a prosperous UK-based hosting company, which strives to further expand the scope of its activities in the web hosting services sphere.

LiquidNet Ltd. was established in February 2003 in London, UK. The ResellersPanel program itself started on April 2, 2003. So far, more than 100 000 resellers have placed their trust in us.

Beside the reseller hosting program, we have developed our own cloud web hosting platform, which is focused on optimized sites speeds, reinforced site security and guaranteed service uptime. We have built our custom network in all data centers that we work it, thus ensuring a secure and stable environment for your sites and applications. Apart from cloud web hosting services, we offer resellers an option to offer virtual private servers. semi-dedicated servers and dedicated servers at no cost as well. For cPanel users, we also have a cPanel reseller program.