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I Love Mattress

I Love Pillow | I Love Mattress gets customers to fall in love with their pillows, toppers, and/or mattresses and their sleep experience. Created by USA foam artists with over 25 years of experience who've been powering brands like BMW, Tesla, GM, and Ford, they use the coolest, softest, lightest, and most supporting foams in the market: Tru Comfort™,  Nano Cool™, MicroCell™,  TheraFresh™, AirForm™, and Body Support™.

The Cold™ Renew fabric feels 70% cooler than competitive cool-to-touch materials, has a soft and plushy feel, and brings sleepers the therapeutic and antimicrobial benefits of copper. Silver and graphene infusions are used as well to improve our products' cooling, therapeutic, and anti-microbial properties.

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