We manufacture and sell high-quality gardening tools for people who like to grow their own food. Our featured products include our Wheel Hoes, Wheel Hoe Attachments and Garden Seeders that we wish to promote through this affiliate program. Our products are MADE IN THE USA and built to last a lifetime.

Our Wheel Hoes are the ultimate garden tool for those who have in-ground vegetable gardens. We have a wide variety of Wheel Hoe Attachments that allow you to cultivate, weed, furrow, hill and plant your vegetable garden. Our customers include market farmers and hobby gardeners all over the world who use our products in gardens from 1/10th of an acre up to 10 acres.

Our Garden Seeders are the most versatile on the market. We have an innovative Seed Plate design that allows you to customize seed spacing and hole size to meet your exact planting needs. Because seed size can vary so much among varieties for crops like corn, beans and peas, it's imperative that a precision seeder be able to accommodate that variation.

Our customer is someone who owns property with enough land to have a vegetable garden. While we do have a few customers who are new to gardening, most of our customers have been gardening for 10 or more years. 90% of our customers are males who typically are between the ages of 35 - 65.

Our Wheel Hoes and Garden Seeders sell best when associated with quality content such as blog posts, demonstration videos and photos. Our tools are very simple to operate, but people need to see it in use for them to grasp how it would work for them. In order for this affiliate relationship to be successful for you, we highly recommend creating quality content for viewers to associate with the product.

We are offering a 10% commission on all orders (minus shipping costs) placed on https://hosstools.com/ from people who have visited your site. The cookie will expire after 30 days. Our average order size is $250, but we have packages on our site that go for $500 - $600. This is a great opportunity for you to be a part of a high-reward program with a fast-growing company.