Wine Awesomeness Affiliate Program

Wine Awesomeness Affiliate Program

Welcome to the WA Crew! We're a tribe of explorers and believe wine is an incredible way to go on an adventure. Whether we're exploring with a bottle at home or to a far off wine region, we couldn't be more thrilled to embark on an this adventure together.

About 5 years ago, our cofounders lived near a wine bar in Charleston, SC, and they were curious about wine. They made great friends with a handful of the bartenders and somms, learned a ton, and wanted to spread that experience far and wide.

We've grown a ton. We don't pack the boxes ourselves anymore and now the team is based in Brooklyn, NY. Lots of things have changed, but our core values remain exactly the same.

1. We'd never send customers fake wine. That means bulk wine that a creative graphic designer dresses up with a cute label, but the juice in the bottle lacks the soul of real wine by a real winemaker from a real place.

2. Wine is a journey. We've been lucky enough to travel the globe, see some of the most beautiful places, and find the coolest people making the best wine. We're so excited that we get to pass on this journey each month to you with amazing bottles and the stories behind them.

3. Check the snobbery at the door. WWe take our jobs seriously, but we don't take ourselves or wine too seriously. You do not need a PhD in wine-ology to learn about wine. You just need some kind of cup or glass and sometimes a corkscrew. Drinking wine is the best way to learn to have fun.

Each month we curate wines from around the globe paired with thebacklabel magazine that dishes out recipes, tasting notes, and the stories behind the bottle. Customers can customize between red, white, or a variety wine selection. Cancel your wine club subscription any time (seriously).

FYI… The laws regarding the direct wine shipments are constantly changing. We will expand our service area when laws permit and are optimistic that these restrictions will gradually disappear as consumer demand grows.

Affiliate Program Highlights

  • Earn $10 for every new subscription
  • 15% revenue on curated wine packs that we offer weekly
  • 8% of standard ecommerce orders via the WA Wine Shop
  • Awesome digital creative that is updated regularly. We love GIFs :)
  • Special coupons and seasonal promotional opportunities
  • Performance and bonus incentives (wine trips) for our partners
  • Opportunity to try WA subscription FREE!
  • A dedicated affiliate management team

Plus top brand’s love us. And we partner with these guys regularly!

Including Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Eater, Thrillist, Wine Enthusiast, Forbes, Business Insider, Tasting Table, Food 52, and many more.

For any questions regarding our affiliate program, please contact

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