Master of Project Academy has been delivering online certification courses for IT & Business professionals since 2012. We delivered IT & Business courses to more than 200,000 professionals in 180+ countries. Certification courses delivered by the Master of Project Academy include but are not limited to: What makes Master of Project Academy unique and competitive is its comprehensive courses at affordable prices. Our list price for the certification courses is around 30% cheaper compared to our competitors. Also, we do offer monthly subscription pricing plans as low as $14.7 per month which are not offered by any of our competitors. These affordable and flexible pricing options together with comprehensive courses make our platform irresistible for certification aspirants.

You Will Rock!

Because we offer online courses that can be sold anywhere around the world and we give a higher commission rate in the online education industry: 15% Details of the Master of Project Ambassadors program are as below:

Who should you sell our courses to?

Since our courses are for professionals, we have a niche market that makes our ambassadors sell our courses easily! Our target audience has the following characteristics. The current demographics of our students are as below but this is mainly because we and most of our ambassadors operate in the US market till now. If your audience is in another country, please target the audience we listed above, we assure you will succeed!

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