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NIGHTTM offers the most comfortable pillows on the planet that also promote better hair and skin in your sleep. Think of it as getting a facial, hair treatment just while enjoying the best rest of your life.

The NIGHTTM pillow differs from other bed pillows claiming to promote beauty benefits because

  1. It’s an entire pillow instead of just the pillowcase…because just offering this would be like selling a sports car without the engine…
  2. You can use it in any sleep position instead of forcing you to sleep a specific way
  3. Comfort was not compromised in any way providing the most incredible sleep experience possible.

The technology behind the NIGHTTM pillow is a combination of proprietary TriSilk fabrication, sourced from materials previously reserved for haute couture and never before used in bedding, and oxygenated memory foam. The TriSilk fabrication provides optimal moisture levels preventing bed head, breakage of hair follicles, wrinkle formation, and skin irritations including acne. The signature black hue of the pillowcase negates light to encourage the body’s own natural melatonin production for a deeper rest. The memory foam yields hypoallergenic and support benefits. And, is also oxygenated to provide a universal level of comfort

NIGHT launched in NYC in 2015 to overwhelmingly positive feedback. And, our over-the-top commitment to product quality, customer satisfaction and partnership development has been pivotal to our early success.


Program Highlights:

We love developing partnerships and think all good partnerships are symbiotic. That’s why we are committed to providing aggressive incentives to properly motivate and reward our partners including substantial commission rates, long term cookie durations, and customized support (coupons, contest, etc).


Marketing Opportunities –

There’s endless opportunities for positioning the NIGHT pillow it can be seen as a beauty product or as a bedding product. It’s not gender specific. And, who needs a pillow? Every single person who sleeps! We’ve provided a list of some opportunities for reference.


Product Preview:


Contact Information:

Our partnerships are incredibly important to us. Therefore, please do not hesitate to reach out to our affiliate manager at anytime

Kalle Simpson