Stickers + snail mail = LOVE. I started Pipsticks, a subscription sticker club, in September 2015 with the intention of bringing awesome stickers to kids, crafters and sticker lovers everywhere. Now, it's a subscription service that has thousands of people anticipating our delivery each month. I've found that sticker lovers are fanatical, whether they're 4 year old dinosaur lovers or 64 year old scrap bookers. They cannot wait to get their first pack and are immediately all over social media, virtually sharing their stickers with their sticker loving friends. Though sticker lovers obviously come in all shapes and sizes, after a short time, one thing is clear: sticker love is a universal language. Our club spans over 45 countries, across different cultures and age groups. As a new, small business, our marketing budget is limited and it's tough to compete in paid advertisements. This is why I'm SO EXCITED about the idea of working with you, where we only have to pay money when you make a sale! I am committed to making those that help us spread the word really feel the value they're bringing us. That's why we will give you 5$ of any purchase that comes from you! We also offer significant bonus's for hitting monthly sales targets! Pipsticks sells itself (our customers LOVE our stickers in the mail), and we know that the right affiliate partnerships can help take our sticker club to the next level. We offer sticker packs for kids or adults, each at two different price points. We currently sell monthly subscriptions for 14.95/month and 9.95/month. We've found this is a great price - it's not cheap (we only supply great, high quality stickers), but not so expensive that someone won't try it out or treat themselves or their kids. It also makes a great gift! Our sticker packs arrive with loads of stickers as well as a paper and postcard to keep the creativity of our members flowing. All of our stickers are selected by designers making them perfect for crafting, planning, scrapbooking, snail mail, and journaling. I can't wait to tell you more about our mission to spread the sticker love - please email me with any questions at and I'll be happy to chat! Maureen Vazquez, Pipsticks Head Honcho