For people wanting to purchase used but high-quality smart phones, Orchard is the online service that makes it easy, affordable, and surprisingly enjoyable. Unlike other sellers, Orchard offers a unique combination of quality products, open advice, simple support, intuitive interaction, and stacks of character. Orchard makes owning used smart phones worry-free, hassle-free, and actually worthwhile.
Orchard reduces the risk and effort of buying pre-owned phones online. With added benefits such as comprehensive diagnostics, device reconditioning, and complete data removal, plus a very strong reputation for customer service (, Orchard's service is unparalleled in this market.
On average, our customers spend about $400 per order. Our e-commerce store front performs above average in terms of conversions. Both factors, put together, means our affiliates enjoy better than usual EPCs with us compared to your typical online merchant. The Orchard program is an ideal fit for sites that cater to gadgets, green and sustainable living, money savers, discounts and deals, mommy blogs, and more.
Highlights of our program include:
- Commission of 6% for verified device purchase
- A generous 60-day cookie
- Higher than average EPCs (average order value = $400, 0.8% e-commerce conversion rate)
- Extensive creatives library and frequent promotional campaigns
If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to send a note to Michael, our affiliate manager, at ­
Try us out. Thank you.

(We are no longer accepting coupon sites.)