C'est Ça New York specializes in high quality handcrafted tulle and lace garments including skirts, dresses, and tops for formal events and casual wear.We offer classy and elegant clothes and accessories for those who love and appreciate feminine style in fashion.

We ship and track sales worldwide. All customers are charged in USD. Our main market is in the US. We also have a lot of customers from the UK, Europe (Germany, France, Spain, Belgium), Canada and Australia. We accept affiliates from all countries.

Our average order is $80-150 USD.


- The affiliation program offers 10-15% and 30-days tracking cookies to content based websites.
- Fashion bloggers will be getting 15% and 30-days tracking cookies.
- Generic coupon sites are getting 3% commission unless we invited you to join.


- Affiliates cannot post fake reviews on websites, social media and forums;
- Affiliates are not allowed to duplicate content from cestcany.com and post it on their websites;
- Affiliates are not allowed to use photographs from cestcacy.com or our social media accounts unless approved by affiliate program manager (please email requests to yana (at) cestcany.com);
- This program is applicable to retail orders only (dropship and wholesale orders will not qualify for lead payment);
- Orders with cookies from coupon and directory websites with qualify for lead payment only if a code posted on the website or no code was used by customer at checkout (orders where private codes and codes posted on different platforms were used will not qualify for lead payment).