K Capital Advisors is a unique swing trading advisory that goes both long and short in highly liquid small to mid cap stocks. Average trade is 8 days in length. Adviser has a classic education and brings real world trading experience. Adviser forms hypothesis based upon fundamental research, and then executes trades based upon technical chart patterns.

K Capital Advisors consistently outperform our benchmark while maintaining a Sharpe Ratio well above normal alert services. We pride ourselves on full transparency and post every alert from our history to our website. Members receive live text and emails from our team when we execute with explicit guidance on what to do and why to do it and K Capital teaches good money management skills that have helped them their limit losses.

As an affiliate partner you will earn 30% commissions on all sales referred – FOR LIFE! Our cookie tracking period is set to never expire.

You can also earn 10% commission on the 2nd tier when your recruited affiliates refer sales!

I look forward to welcome you in our program