Mac & Mia hand-picks stylish children's clothing and ships them to our customer's door on-demand. We are not a recurring monthly subscription service. After a customer registers online for their Mac and Mia account (includes billing information), our stylists contacts them within a few hours to get an idea of who they are styling (a child's size, age, favorite colors). You earn $2 per registered user (including billing information) you refer to us. Customers will receive their shipped box within a few business days and have five days to try items at home. You earn 10% of the items a family keeps from their first three shipped boxes (120 day cookie). *A customer's $20 styling fee is waived when they keep two ore more clothing items from their shipped box. Also, a 15% discount will be applied to a customer's purchase if they keep all the items in their shipped Mac & Mia box. Visit our web site today to see more about our service for busy parents: Questions or feedback? Drop us a line! Thank you,