UpThemes is a provider of high quality WordPress themes and managed WordPress hosting with over 40+ themes included.

We offer two primary products: the first being a set of responsive, well-designed WordPress themes, available for $125 each. Customers receive one year of automatic updates and customer support by email, after which they are required to renew their license to continue receiving theme updates and support.

The second product is managed WordPress hosting. We currently offer one plan for $20/mo. It is extremely fast, secure and comes with over 40 themes pre-installed, including our entire lineup of premium themes.

These products combined offer a compelling customer experience. If the user chooses our hosting platform, they bypass the normal issues with buying a theme and trying to install it on a third-party hosting platform. UpThemes Hosting is guaranteed to work with all our themes and makes it easy to choose a theme or switch to one of the 40+ pre-installed themes that have been hand-picked by our design team.