Biocide Systems manufactures and distributes a line of odor eliminating products. Our product are unique in the sense that they eliminate odors permanently, unlike all other products that simply mask odors temporarily from the air or surfaces. Our Bioshocker products actually penetrate all porous surfaces eliminating odors that hide deep in all areas of a home, car, boat or RV's, we deal with severe odors where others can't, we can permanently eliminate cigarette smoke odor and any other harsh odors organic or chemical. Our products have a money back guarantee because they work.

We are offering a 15% commission, and the average sale amount is $75.00.

Our products can be offered in many markets individually, such as; Automotive, Home & Home Improvement, Recreational Vehicles market such as RV's and Boat & Yachts, as well as professional markets like Hospitality (hotels. motels, property management,etc) professional automotive (auto dealers, auto detailers, etc.).

New Affiliates can earn DOUBLE during your first 60 days of signing up with us, and for those constant producers, we are offering a $60 bonus each month you exceed $500 in sales!