Hey there! Welcome to Cronometer's Affiliate Program :)

We are delighted you're interested in sharing our nutrition tracking app and website with others. If you're looking to inform and educate people about the world's most accurate and comprehensive nutrition tracker, then you've come to the right place!

We've been steadily growing since 2011 and to date have surpassed 7 million users around the globe who trust our platform to track their nutrition. Our users love us because we dive deep into nutrition, providing accurate data you can count on with an emphasis on micronutrients. We truly are more than just a macro tracker or a calorie counter.

One of our core values is to empower everyone to make informed nutrition decisions, which is why we offer a free-tiered version of Cronometer. We also have a "premium" Gold Subscription, for those wanting to gain further insight into their nutrition and health.

How does it work for you? Affiliates get remunerated for lead generation, or signing up new users, and receive a commission on all Gold Subscription sales.

Commission Offered:
• $0.10 per lead generated (new user signup through your referral link)
• 35% per transaction on Gold Subscriptions within 365 days from signup referral

Do you have questions or want more details? Our knowledgeable and helpful team has the answers! Email us at: support@cronometer.com

Please note that we do not work with coupon websites.