What is the Affiliate Program?

Anyone with an online presence like having a website, a blog, a person active in discussion boards or even with a page on social networking websites like facebook and twitter can earn handsome commissions by placing links or banners on their webpage(s) referring users to chessbazaar.com. You earn 10% commission of the total cost every time a user directed by you makes a purchase on our website.

Our inbuilt systems will issue each affiliate a unique link and when a visitor visits chessbazaar.com from a link at your webpage, our systems will identify him through a web browser cookie. This will allow our systems to track all the purchases that they ever make, immediately or in the future. Our affiliate program is totally transparent and the affiliates can login anytime into their affiliate accounts and see real time stats, traffics and the amount of commissions that they have earned.


How much can I earn via the chessbazaar affiliate program?

You earn a flat 10% of the total cost every time a user directed by you makes a purchase on our website. It's free to join and easy to use. We track the sales through web browser cookies and you can track your leads, traffic and commissions by signing in your Affiliate Account.

How does it work?

Refer visitors from your website/blog/forums/facebook/twitter etc to chessbazaar.com by signing into chessbazaar affiliate program. You earn money whenever visitors follow the link from your website, to chessbazaar.com and make purchase(s). For example, when a visitor directed from the link/banner from your website makes a purchase of $300 at chessbazaar.com you will earn $30 (10% of total sale) as a commission straight away.

What are the different banner/links I can use?

Banners can be created for individual products or categories depending on your choice. You can, however, link our main website URL on your website footer or header, depending on your preference.